• Farmer business School

    This course is designed for you farmers who are joining the Farm Business School program in your village. Our aim is to develop your agribusiness skills and improve your farm's profits. This includes the following subjects that should be discussed throughout farmers' crop or animal production arrangements.

    1. Understanding what the farmer school is for and deciding how to run it.
    2. To understand the basic concepts that apply to the marketing of farmers' produce and why it is necessary to do agriculture as a business.
    3. Identify your resources and current situation.
    4. Identifying the most profitable crops / products suitable for you.
    5. Preparation of farm business plans to suit identified crops/products.
    6. Maintenance of farm notes and records.
    7. Evaluate how successful your farm business plan has been.
    8. Discussing other subject matters which you need to know and useful for development.

    You will be able to choose and learn what you want and like from among the many topics related to the above. A summary of the main points discussed in the course and related exercises are contained here. This includes practical activities designed to help you plan and keep records to keep your farm more profitable in the future. So consider yourself lucky to be attending Farmer School.